As a course marshal at the Redbrik Foundation Chesterfield 10k, you will work with the event team to assist runners on the route. As a route Marshals you will be located strategically along the route and are the eyes and ears of how the route and runners are running.

As a route marshal, you will encounter varying responsibilities depending on your location; from cheering the runners, directing unexpected traffic, ensuring signage is clear and upright, notifying route control of issues that may arise along the route and helping inform spectators, motorists and pedestrians when the runners are expected.

Key responsibilities:

* Be a part of the route marshal team
* Identify any hazards – remove, if possible, notify route control and runners.
* Advise drivers of a road closures and assist where possible.
* As runners arrive ensure they stay on the correct route.
* Help and motivate runners throughout the run.