The Role:
Grassland Hasmoor Futures (GHF) is a ‘Not for Profit’ company that has been established to support the Grassland Hasmoor Big Local (GHBL) – a major resident-led initiative to improve the quality of life for Grassmoor and Hasland funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. A two-year Plan is in place, worth in the order of £1 million, and we are looking for suitably qualified individuals to work with our existing Directors to help us deliver it.
The role of Grassland Hasmoor Futures will be to provide effective and efficient support services to the GHBL Partnership, overseeing financial arrangements, managing contractual agreements, employing staff and delivering projects, on its behalf. It will also be held accountable to the Local Trust – the national funding body that holds and distributes Big Local funds. Moreover, it will be the key succession vehicle of GHBL, once Big Local funds come to an end in 2025.
The Requirements:
To assist us in our work, GHF is now seeking individuals who have the right set of competencies to ensure that we meet our bold aspirations, high expectations and contractual obligations: In particular, we are looking for people who have knowledge and experience of:
* Financial Planning & Accountancy Practices
* Commissioning Work
* Property Development & Facilities Management
* Marketing & Promotions
It is anticipated that any person who wants to be considered will be able to think analytically and make informed and rational decisions. Residents from Grassmoor or Hasland would be welcomed. Additional training support will be made available.
The Commitment:
This is a non-executive position, with expenses only. We are expecting that the role will require possibly up to 20 hours a month, including formal Board Meetings, online sessions, and reading and digesting information and reports.