We are looking for volunteers to work with young people who have problematic sexual behaviour living in Derby.


The Safer Living Foundation is a joint venture between HMP Whatton, Nottingham Trent University, the National Probation Service, and Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire Police. The charity adopts a multi-agency approach; with a strong research and evaluation component, it is focused on reducing sexual (re)offending through preventative and rehabilitative initiatives. The rehabilitative initiative is called Circles of Support and Accountability.

The primary aim of Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) is to prevent further sexual abuse, working with the objective of ‘no more victims’. CoSA is a simple, successful community concept by which a group of 3-5 specially recruited and trained volunteers form a Circle around an individual who has committed a sexual offence living in or soon to be living in the community. A Circle offers social, emotional and practical support to the individual as well as requiring them to take responsibility (be accountable) for their ongoing risk management. The concept seeks to balance both community protection from victimisation and the reintegration of individuals who are often socially isolated and marginalised. The Circle works in close partnership with the statutory agencies (Police, probation, Youth Offending Teams) and is managed by a trained professional known as the Circle Coordinator.

Young People’s CoSA – working with a young person who has problematic sexual behaviour and is living in Derby. Volunteers will be expected to work creatively with these young people to build on their strengths, interests and hobbies. The Circle will run for between 12-18 months.